Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thor: Fan Fiction

Hi everyone,
I just saw Thor and it was pretty great and all, but I thought of so many sweet ideas they totally should have put in the film. This is why I have decided to write my own fan fiction based on the movie.
The following takes place immediately around the middle of the film where Thor has been banished to Earth by his Father Odin.
Also, I wrote myself into the fiction to give it a more personal touch.

Thor: Hammer Time

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon that was particularly more dreary then most Saturday afternoons on average. I had finished my slurpee and toquitos from 711 while helping out three scientists following peculiar weather storm activities. One of them was Natalie Portman and I can’t remember who the other two were.
Natalie and I had a close kinship that seemed to mask a lust we both felt for each other. However, it was wrong to act on it since we were brother and sister. The two of us long awaited the day we would be free from this seemingly eternal curse.
thor1 540x360 Thor: Fan Fiction
The four of us were working on astro-science things when Natalie spotted an abnormal storm percolating in the distance. “Let’s go immediately” She said followed by a longing stare.
Next thing I know, we’re driving near an incredibly enormous tornado. Our vision is obscured by the swirling debris and we strike what appears to be a muscular  man with luscious blonde hair.
We take him to the hospital where he rested for up to 6 hours. Upon waking he appeared startled and irritable. This didn’t stop him from making a pass at Natalie though, “My name is Thor and I lost my hammer. Perhaps I could retrieve it with the help of this volumptious lady”. His inappropriate  comment made me jealous and yet strangely aroused.
thor2 540x360 Thor: Fan Fiction
We sought the hammer in the middle of a crater which was guarded by secret agents of some kind. Thor knocked out most of the guards while I used my stealth skills to sneak past them. However, upon approaching the hammer, Thor was unable to remove it from the ground since he was not pure of heart. I decided to try pulling out the hammer which immediately came loose. Everyone (and especially Natalie) was really impressed.
thor3 540x360 Thor: Fan Fiction
Just then, four of Thor’s friends transported around us. Sif was one of Thor’s lady friends who’s clothes where lost in the teleportation. I shielded my owes but managed to take in a lot anyway. She came over and grabbed me to shield her quivering naked body from the group. Thor then removed his clothes, stating,”well we don’t want Sif to feel left out”. It wasn’t long before everyone was completely naked.
Thor complimented my body and suggested that we three way with Natalie Portman. I told him I couldn’t because she was my sister, and that we had to resist temptation. That’s when Thor revealed with the power of his hammer, that Natalie was adopted, thus proving that we were not brother and sister. We immediately engaged in a passionate, yet subtle three way.
However, It turns out that Thor was mistaken and we were actually brother and sister. I threw up.
thor4 540x360 Thor: Fan Fiction

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